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"This time in Biblical history has always fascinated me. Those of you who love fantasy should not be disappointed with Stone's first novel. Hoping you great success! Regards," Tony

"This book is written with skill and love. It is a suspenseful tale that kept me guessing all the way through. The plot is steeped in fantasy with a touch of truth. The characters are meticulously developed and intertwined immediately, drawing you in. Set aside some time, you will not want to put this one down. Eagerly awaiting the next volume!" Ann Halligan.

"Stone did an excellent job presenting a story that we have known since our first day in Sunday School and turned it into exciting characters that live in a world where fallen angels, prehistoric beasts and magical animals come alive. I was captivated with the detail given in the multiple story lines. I looked forward to this next chapter every time. The story felt fresh and inspiring. Enoch and Angela's faith and Adam and Eve's legacy left me in awe. As I read there were many moments that added to my own faith. The book is fast paced and extremely entertaining, I truly enjoyed this first book in the series. (I am sooo relieved there are more coming!!!) Have faith!" O. Hernandez

"This book is AWESOME!! I got kind of upset at the end, because the second book isn't coming out until later this year! I totally would have set this one down and picked up the next one and started right in! Stone is great for sparking your imagination from what you know of the Bible, and putting some theories of creationism seemlessly into his story. There were more than a few times while reading this book that I actually stopped reading and sat and thought about my old classes on the book of Genesis and smiled to myself that he put animals in there. He is a wonderful story teller, and weaved drama, action, suspense and thrill into a very accessible read. It;s like Harry Potter, Frank Peretti, LOTR, Hunger Games, Old Testament history, and a Mitch Rapp novel all rolled into one. From Eve's lack of a belly button to realizing Cain was probably only a couple years younger than his parents but born a baby, to dinosaurs to giants to angels and demons this was a great book!! I can't wait for more!" Guitar Man, J. B.

"Interesting time period. Not many books about the first humans on earth even if it is fictional. You can almost imagine reading this book how the beginning might have been. Easy reading and very entertaining!" Amazon customer. 

"Stone, I have started reading and I have one word for you, well two, okay maybe more. Keep writing!!! When I am finished I will put a formal reveiw on Amazon." Orlando

"I finished the book!!! I freaking loved it!!! I'm going to put a review on Amazon today. You had that preview of the next book at the end, and it made me mad!!! I wanted to put that one down and pick up the next one, dang it!!! Josh

"Amazing story from a gifted author!!! I could not put it down once I started reading it. I cannot wait for more books to come out from Stone Palatin!!! Amazon customer.

"This is a one of a kind and completely unique book. This story pulls you into the mysteries of the beginnings of a world filled with vast monsters and mythical creatures. The everlasting constant fight between good and evil has existed since the beginning of time and I like the way this book portrays the battle. I dare you to take a dive into this book and discover everything that "The First Immortal: Dark Angel" has to offer." Amazon Customer.

"Like nothing else you have ever read...totally unique. This is a gripping adventure in a biblical setting replete with monsters and magic. Fascinating and imaginative." Amazon Customer

"Fascinating depiction of the dark years in Genesis Chapter 6. If New York best selling authors Francine Rivers and Cassandra Clare made a hybrid novel of fantasy and historical fiction this is what it would look like! What a fun read. Looking forward to the next two books!" Shaunna Ondreas

"My husband just finished this book and he LOVED it. I can't wait to start reading it myself!" N. Snyder

"I will tell you right now that you will find it very difficult to stop reading at the end of pretty much any chapter. This is Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness) meets J.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) meets Robert Ludlum (spy novel author) meets the almighty power of the Word. Men and women both will love this equally." Sam C.

"Dude! I'm on chapter 20 something. It's really awesome! I was telling people at work about it today!" Josh Byrd

"Very good book, the characters are exciting, getting to know them is fun. Can't wait for the next book to come out." Donald Jackson

"...finished Dark Angel this morning. So Good! Can hardly wait for Angel Blood! Angela was my favorite character, very easy to picture how beautiful she was..." Cynthia Silman

"Read on my trip to Bora, Bora. Awesome book, I am ready for the next one! Enoch was my favorite character but Angela was not far behind!" Tom S.

"One of the spiciest renditions of this time period I have seen, entertaining, engrossing, read at your own risk." Jim P.

"My second favorite read after the Bible, could not put it down." Harvey S.

"Incredible, non stop action, could not stop reading." Brian H.

"Was mad when I got to the end because I want the story to continue!  Can't wait till the next book." Steve P.

"A genre busting book that breaks into new frontiers of reading enjoyment." Mike P.

"This should be a block buster movie very soon." A. Bush.

"Sparks the imagination on many levels, you will want to read and know more after this tale." Hollywood Jamison

"Captivating from the start. Vivid detail to bring the story to life." Steven Atkinson, US Army

"I loved the book and am looking for more to come.  As a woman I felt compassion for the damsels in distress with heroic men trying to rescue them and fallen angels trying to enslave them.  It has lust, passion and romance.  An action packed spellbinder sure to please.  A biblical based historical fantasy of mankind after being cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Epic battles of good and evil." Paula P.

"I read the book over several days, but did not want to put it down and could not wait to pick it up again.  It has all the excitement, adventure, intrigue, mystery, lust, deception, greed, ambition, and action that you could ask for.  A fast paced novel in an ancient almost Jurassic park setting with prehistoric beasts, giants, fallen angels, and mankind, all embroiled in an epic battle for survival.  Good verses evil after the fall of man.  Heroes and villains with super human powers.  Sons and daughters of God battling against Satan and the fallen angels.  A sure fire best seller!" LeRoy Phillips, Meteorologist.

"Deliciously dark and portentously Gothic, the Creation narrative enhanced with vivid characters.  As Sylvia Plath once wrote in a letter-"Speak straight out...let the world blow in more roughly." Stone's cinematic vision of man's coming-of-age fills Biblical blanks with mystery, love, lust and danger.  Myth-altering, suspenseful, affecting and seductive, this trilogy may become a wellspring of footnotes for Biblical tales to come." Paul Raphael, author

"Dark Angels is an intriguing read.  It combines the imagination of giants and prehistoric type animals with a Biblical relation to the early generations in the Bible. It is written in such a way that it is a possibility of filling in the gaps of those early generations.  Once you start the book, you will not want to put it down!" Eddie Silman, Chemical Engineer

"...thank you for allowing me to read your manuscript.  You are certainly a gifted writer.  Your overall idea is fascinating." Ed Smith, Publisher

"Have you ever wondered what a fantasy novel would be like if you merged Lord of the Rings and the Old Testament? Well wonder no more! The First Immortal: Dark Angel combines the action packed fiction that many of us know and love and seeks to paint a picture of what the world was like in a dark time of the Bible that I have never seen before.  I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the next one to come out!" Ben Redfield, US Coast Guard

"Stone Palatin has shown an extraordinary ability to captivate the reader with his fantasy saga of the biblical Genesis story.  It is a melding of the Adam and Eve, Cain and Able biblical story with dungeons and dragons and literally captivates the reader's imagination.  It is a mesmerizing read." Larell Baldwin, Founder of Heritage Trust, Author.

I really enjoyed it Stone. I love the way you build mounting tension as you track the closing distance of the Fallen One. I like the way you weave in some back story information about the city of Abelton without slowing down the narrative. Very descriptive use of language to help paint the scene in the reader's minds. Great work! Greg Lewis, writer/editor. 

All honesty, if you are reading this review, it is worth the read... Its a really good read, with short chapters that leave you wanting to read more, but also feeling like you are really getting somewhere. No expectations is the best way to go into this book. Just let the story carry you to the possible avenues of these "Bible" characters. I don't really post reviews but this just is a neat read and fun to get to know an author through his early work. Can't wait for more! Chisum, IT Specialist. 

Chapter One

   To the naked eye, it appeared no more than a speck in the bright azure sky, a silhouette against the brilliant yellow orb that had brought day to this troubled land. But Adam, benefiting from venerable wisdom imparted to him by the Ancient of Days, sensed, more than saw, the winged threat from above.

   "Sound the alarm horns!" he called to Mahalial.  Quickly bounding up the massive, stone stairs carved into the side of the mountain that embraced the back sides of the city, Adam gained a higher vantage point to scan below.  The vast city of Abelton was spread out across the horseshoe shaped opening between the surrounding mountains, the open end closed by a gargantuan wall of stone and amber. Amber covered spires and palatial buildings comprised the dwelling and public places of the city Adam had named after Abel, his fallen son.  The city of Abelton represented centuries of building and improving and stood as a testament to Adam's intellect and Eve's design.

   The horns dutifully sounded with a deep, resonating, bone shaking blast.  The people below scurried to the safety of their fortress-like homes. Seeing the herders and flocks outside the walls, Adam realized they would have a tougher time gaining the safety of the caves. Luckily, they had already straddled their mounts and were heading their animals in that direction. It would be close, but perhaps they would reach shelter.

   The speck in the heavens began descending now in long, graceful arcs, carefully selecting its prey. Adam could see its large wingspan, stretching ominously across the cloudless expanse of blue. He sensed the creature was not alone, that it carried upon it a hideous fiend, a Fallen One, a Dark Lord from Lucifer's legions.

   This awareness greatly intensified Adam's concerns and he signaled to the watchmen to blow the ram horns again but this time with multiple sharp blasts. As the powerful instruments filled the atmosphere with piercing sound, Adam added his own voice to the mix and shaped a barrier of amber colored sonic energy over the fleeing herds. "You shall not breach my shield, foul creature!" he shouted defiantly.

   The Creator had shown Adam the power that resided in the spoken word of faith. God himself spoke the first Earth into existence from nothing and then reformed it into its current state after the great rebellion of the world before. "... And God said, 'let there be light, and there was light...'" then He made man, "... in His own image," bestowing a measure of that power within the human race. Adam had learned to create energy from sound and amplify it through amber so that he could shield the city from attack, slice through rock and crystal with laser like light, levitate and cast objects with vibration and sound. More and more of his children were losing touch with the old ways, depending instead on weapons they could make with their hands - weapons that required no faith. Adam had been taught the art of metallurgy and the use of forges to wrest iron and steel from the ground.  He shared that knowledge with his offspring, and now many had turned, like Cain, to force and might to get their way.

   Adam also knew they were not alone in this world. The Dark Lords knew the secrets of God, but they did not share His benevolence. They sought to deceive, steal, kill and destroy.

   Adam could contain almost any single wild creature with his energy barrier, but if indeed a Dark Lord could poke a hole through the barrier with his own dark energy, and might be able to widen it enough to allow the creature through. Glancing down to the stock of shining, black-crystal obsidian, razor sharp missiles at his disposal, he determined it would be a long shot to bring the creature down. He would have to go for its eyes and hurl the blades with enough sonic force to pierce the monster's brain.  But he was sure the Dark Lord would know that as well, and would have some sort of defense planned against the attack.

   Approaching the amber energy bubble formed above the retreating herds, the creature hesitated for a moment while a sharp, black blade of dark energy formed in front of its path, slicing into the protective barrier.  Within moments, the hole was big enough for the whole monster to squeeze through, and now it had unfettered access to the prey below.

   Circling around in a protective formation, the small group of riders prepared themselves for a hopeless defense against the monstrous creature.  Knowing he could make little impact, Adam began levitating and hurling his arsenal of black crystal blades, borne on the wings of sound, hoping to gain time by distracting it if only a little.

   Three hundred yards and closing.

   The small band of herdsmen braced themselves for the creature's attack.  Adam's black missiles were not penetrating the creature's dense, armored scales and the Fallen One was protecting himself and the winged monster's eyes with his own sonic shields of hideous black energy.

   Two hundred yards and closing.

   Adam knew what the Fallen One wanted. He shuddered in anger as he fought with renewed desperation.  This Dark Lord was not just after wanton destruction, fear and blood, but the daughters of Eve. The sons of Cain were actively seeking and offering up their females to Lucifer's legions for a price, and the unholy unions of angel and man were creating unimaginable offspring, sometimes killing the human mother during the horrendous birthing  process. But the daughters of Cain were soiled, compromised by their bent toward evil. The Fallen Ones lusted after innocence and purity, traits long since abandoned by many of the descendants of Cain.

   One hundred yards and closing.

   The little band of herdsmen were now casting their own sonic barriers and readying their blades for what Adam knew would be a futile defense. The creature was too massive, and with the Fallen One protecting its few weak points, it was going to overwhelm them and take the female herders, Angel and Luna.

   Fifty yards and closing.

   The creature landed with an earth shattering thud, roaring with such ear splitting ferocity that the little band's mounts jumped and bolted wildly. Struggling to keep their animals steady, the riders redoubled their attempts at sonic shielding, but the creature was only momentarily slowed. It shook off blast after blast and the black missiles and blades that penetrated the Fallen One's protective shielding bounced harmlessly off its armored hide.

   Now that the beast had landed, Adam launched his two largest obsidian missiles. They had perfectly sharpened crystal edges, but because of their size and weight, would be short range weapons at best. The Fallen One deflected the first blade, and it skidded harmlessly across the ground. Howling with rage, the beast was unable to deflect the second missile which sliced  through a portion of its wing. Roaring in pain, it hesitated but for a moment, then closed upon the small group, scanning them for daughters of Eve. Samuel, the head of the defending herders, shot a hot blast of energy into the snapping creature's face, momentarily stunning it. Realizing that it was seeking the women riders, he shouted to Luna and Angel.

   "Run to the caves! We will fight to hold it back and give you time!" Luna and Angel looked pained to be left out of the fight, but then Samuel added, "It is not after the herd animals, it is after you!"

   In a flash of horror, realization struck their minds and they spurred their mounts aggressively towards the caves where the last of the flocks were entering their safe haven.  The creature swung its mighty tail and scattered the small group that had struggled so mightily to deprive it of its prize. Unable to lift off because of its wounded wing, it resorted to massive leaps across the lush pasture, and quickly closed the distance between itself and the fleeing women.

   Scattered and bruised, the herdsmen regrouped and gave chase to the creature, firing blasts of energy and black ice missiles along the way. Nothing seemed to slow it now that it had caught sight and scent of its prey. Adam was proud of his children - not giving up despite their hopeless plight and fighting with all their might. Shouting again, Adam levitated his two large crystal blades and fired them at the monster's wings.  If he could keep it grounded, perhaps they could buy time to wear it down as it tried to escape. That is, if it was successful at reaching Luna and Angel, as it seemed it would be.

   There seemed no doubt now it would catch the fleeing girls before they reached the safety of the caves. Nothing the brave band of contestants had done was hindering it enough to prevent its eventual success. One of Adam's re-animated missiles hit the monster in its wounded wing, the other was deflected by the Dark Lord's shield. Adam saw the Dark Lord furiously stitching up the wound with streams of glowing black energy, then realized he would not be able to ground the beast for long. Desperately racking his brain for alternatives, he could come up with nothing more than what he was already doing. Panic began to overwhelm him.

   Suddenly, a lone figure on a large, ostrich-like mount burst forth from the herd animals inside the safety of the caves. The rider was slight, not much more than a youth, and he headed straight for the massive creature chasing the two women.

   The gargantuan beast whipped its huge tail forcefully between the two females, causing such a powerful shock wave that it knocked both riders sprawling into the lush meadow. Roaring in delight, the twisted creature scooped up Luna as she stumbled groggily, trying to recover from her fall. With one captive secure, the Dark Lord greedily urged his mount to grab Angel, who was darting and ducking to avoid its large, clumsy, reptilian claws. The Fallen One shot an ugly black stream of energy from his mouth, struck the girl and slammed her to the ground once again. As he grasped for the grounded girl with his mount's empty claw, the Dark Rider Screamed in triumph, ready to make off with his prizes back to the land of the Dark Lords.

   Adam tried to remount his attack when, suddenly, the foolish small rider arrived and got in the way. Leaping off his avian steed, he hit the ground lightly and spread both feet, securing a firm balance before the beast.

   "I am Enoch, son of Jared, servant of the most High God. I command you to let my sister go!" he yelled sternly at the beast and rider. The evil pair paused momentarily, curiously eyeing the little form before them, then continued their quest to steal the daughters of Eve.

   "I said... Let her GO!" insisted Enoch. The little rider emitted a sound so pure, so ardent, that it ripped through the warm, moist air and slammed into the huge leviathan, throwing it unexpectedly backwards from its now escaping prize. The creature raged in protest and struggled to snatch Angel, who was putting some distance between them.

   "Let Luna go and leave this place!" commanded Enoch. His unique sonic challenge shook the beast, forcing it to drop the startled girl. "You heard me, GO! NOW!" Amber blast after amber blast issued forth from Enoch, knocking the beast backwards and almost unseating the stunned Dark Rider. With one last disgruntled shriek it turned away from the small irritant that had stymied its quest and bounded away to safety, hopping until it could gain altitude after its rider finished mending its torn wing. Enoch followed the retreating beast with more blasts until he was sure it had gone for good, then ran to the girls, who were still struggling to recover from their close encounter.

   Running full speed to the fields below, Adam's mind raced withing him. "My God," he wondered, "What just happened?"


Chapter Two

  At six and a half feet tall, Enoch was well short of his full growth. His great, great, great, great grandfather, Adam, was well over eleven feet tall, and while his first generation progeny had matched his stature, his grandchildren and descendants were losing such lofty heights. Enoch hoped he would at least reach ten feet, and be as tall as his father. At ten years old he had a good ten years of growth left in him, so there was a reasonable chance.

   Enoch ran to his smitten sister. "Angel, are you hurt?" he asked as he helped her to her to her feet. It was very possible the Dark Rider was not after Luna and Angel just for their innocence and purity, especially if he could appreciate beauty. As God's first woman, Eve embodied the perfection of feminine beauty. Future generations would still see a glimmer of her perfection in the world's most beautiful women, but even then just a shadow of the original Eve's magnificent, exquisite and graceful form.

   Though her daughters and granddaughters displayed different shades of skin, eyes and hair, they all maintained Eve's glorious comeliness, yet each in their individual way. Like snowflakes, each one stunning, yet no two alike.

   "What was that thing?" gasped Angel, still struggling to recover from her close encounter. Enoch shook his head. "It must be one of Lucifer's twisted creatures," he said, raking back his long hair with his fingers. "I haven't seen it in any of Grandfather's drawings."

   Adam had seen every animal the Creator had originally formed out of the dust of the earth. He had named and cataloged each one.  Enoch, a good student and eager learner of ancient lore, had spent many hours studying the magnificent creatures of God.

   When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of God, they saw what horrific consequences sprung from relinquishing their place as rulers of the kingdom of earth to the great deceiver, Lucifer, the chief of all the Fallen Ones. His legions were without number, and each desperately craved a physical body to inhabit to once again enjoy the sensations of the flesh. Lucifer had led his followers in a desperate rebellion against the Creator in the world before, one in which his kingdom had been taken from him and destroyed with water. When he saw God start anew with Adam and Eve, he did not rest until he had convinced first Eve, then Adam, to disobey God, reclaiming the power of the Earth by default.

   Lucifer and his high Dark Lords could incorporate their spiritual energy into their own physical presence, and were thus unlike the myriad of wraiths that served the Father of Lies. But these high Dark Lords had previously been quite immune to Adam's sonic shields and blasts of Amber energy. That was why what just happened was so startling and important for Adam to investigate. Whatever Enoch had done had succeeded in driving off a high Demon and he had to find out how.

   Angel and Enoch helped Luna to her feet. "You okay?" asked Enoch. Luna smoothed her buckskin tunic and struggled to regain her composure.

   "It was so vile and repulsive," she gasped. "I could feel its evil coursing through its flesh," she said. Shuddering, she vainly tried to brush off the beast's remembered touch.

   "What made him drop me?" Luna directed the query to Angel.

   "I was running for my life," Angel replied, "when it knocked me to the ground, and then..." She looked at Enoch. "How did you...?"

   By this time, the rest of the herders had reached them and dismounted. Hugging the three youths, they quickly checked them out for any serious injuries. Luna was bruised from the creature's rough grasp and Angel was scraped and scratched, but both had escaped virtually unharmed.

   As they headed back toward Abelton, Father Adam, followed by many of the breathless town's people, soon met the excited and relieved group. Adam placed his hands on Enoch's youthful shoulders and looked intently into his eyes.

   "Tell me everything," Adam commanded.