Come let us reason together

In our story it is noted that some of the characters have mastered the use of sound as an energy source.  It is also noted that God Himself used His voice to create and remodel the pre-flood earth The First Immortal: Dark Angel takes place on.

Although I disagree with the theology of this video and maintain that the Nephilim are not spacemen but fallen angels, it does a very credible job of backing up the use of sound as energy in ancient times, and does point to a flood that appears to have wiped out the "world before."

I would propose that there were two worldwide floods that judged the earth.  The first coming after the failed rebellion of Lucifer, the second the flood of Noah, about 6000 years ago.  Take a look at it with those filters on and let me know what you think.

Science of Sound

Evolution has been disproved in numerous ways. To accept it you must accept the premise that something came from nothing, order comes from disorder, systems become more complex and are not running down and life came from non life. None of those things are observable phenomena. Evolutionary concepts were dreamed up by spiritualists and philosophers with little if any scientific experience. This little E-book does a fantastic job summarizing many of these failed arguments. Please read it and put away childish things. Oh, and it is FREE!


Does Satan really exist? Did he really rule a world before our world? Is he a pointy headed beast with a pitch fork or the highest order of created beings? Read this fantastic study and decide for yourself.

Study on Satan

Historical records of giants are all over the world, why the cover up?

Giants found around the world

The original Jewish concept of Earth was that it was a flat earth on pillars as foundations. New science that is not under the purview of the Government shows they most likely were right!

200 reasons the earth is not a spinning ball.

Facts are facts, but they can be organized, selected and omitted to prove your point. This movie takes a fresh look as to whether or not Genesis is history.

Is Genesis History?