Angel Blood Reviews

I am amazed at the creative structure of the story, and the weird but knowledgeable mind that conjured up the creatures and their structure. I finished the book in two days because it captivated me to want more information about the story from page to page. There are many Biblical truths woven in throughout the story that make it somewhat accurate. I highly recommend the book to everyone, even my pastor. Tom Kennedy

This second installment of "The First Immortal" series builds the crescendo of action in the struggle of good against evil. You will be engrossed in the struggles, failures and triumphs of the characters in this fast paced story. Tremendous imagery that plays out like a big screen movie in your mind. B.R.

In Stone Palatin's second book, "Angel Blood", of his trilogy, "The First Immortal", I can't say enough about the author's creative and imaginative way of handling multiple story lines that keeps you riveted and interested. Stone has a unique way of describing the scene that gives you mental images, an almost movie quality in your mind of what is going on in the book. His descriptions of mankind's struggle for survival after "The Garden of Eden", involving a myriad of characters: men and women of great stature, giant hybrids of flesh or animated rocks of metal up to forty feet tall, prehistoric beast and animal like creatures used by both mankind and fallen angels including Lucifer. At the end of Stone's first book, "Dark Angel", the story leaves you in suspense about the fate of one of the main characters. I couldn't wait until I could read in "Angel Blood", what happened. I thought that I would read a few chapters now and then. But the next time I started reading I ended up finishing the book. Stone kept me captivated with the constant changes in the characters. Who's good? Who's evil? Who can you trust? Love and betrayal, the battles, the intimate sensual times of passion, lust and love. The evil trying to control the good. Stone weaves Bible stories, legend, and myth, into an epic fantasy. A sure fire best seller. A sure winner on the big screen. LeRoy Phillips

When I closed the first book, I was ready for the second book to come out! It was a long wait, but well worth the time! I love what Stone did with the three sons, and where they cam from. This book is fantasy/fiction wrapped in with Biblical history at its finest! It's hard to talk about my favorite parts without giving up half of the story, but you need to buy the book to read and experience it all. Stone is a great man, with a great heart, and a beautiful mind. And once again, I'm very impatiently waiting for book three! Dang it!! Josh B

Stone has done a really good job of communicating his vision of unanswered or unexplained early Bible eras. Though I might disagree with some of his story line, I certainly admire his foundation and proffered conclusions as the story develops. Though personally not too excited about lengthy battle scenes, the reader will enjoy the introduction of certain characters that are from the Bible, and have no problem with the seamless intro of fictional characters. Well done. Stone, well done. Lowell H.

Read the first 2 books and thought they were great. It keeps leading you down different paths. It has a great cast of characters making you wonder sometimes are they bad or good? Can't wait for the next installment as each book leaves you hanging with excitement for what will happen next! Next one should be as great as the first 2. Don J.

Angel Blood is a thrilling continuation of "Dark Angels." This book is an imaginative action filled story demonstrating the power of faith in life and death situations. Eddie S.