Stone Palatin

Stone Palatin is the author of the fantasy adventure trilogy, "The First Immortal", available in mid Feb, 2016.

Take a trip with me into a very different past than you have been taught. What if we were to listen to eye witness accounts of mankind's beginning? Stories and events that real people actually saw and passed on. Many of our ancient historians record very similar events about the beginning of man and his relationship with another race of supernatural beings.  Are all of our ancestors mistaken? Do they all bear the brand of liars or merely fanciful story tellers? Did they not have contemporaries like you and I that would debunk or expose such blatant untruths?

While "The First Immortal" trilogy is admittedly a fantasy, it is theologically correct in it's basic premise.  A quick reading of all culture histories brings in titans, demigods, Nephilim- supernatural beings that react in a very personal way with the race of man. Did mankind find his origin in a primordial soup or was he fearfully and wonderfully made? Did he stumble around grubbing for worms and bugs or was he immediately taught about laws, justice, construction, farming, fire, the wheel, clothing by some power greater than he?  The earliest cities ever found by archaeologists come complete with all the modern structure of civilization, everything in service, all at once, in one place.

You will be engrossed in these stories just for the thrill and adventure of the tales, but let them take you deeper, as the question of immortality is one that we all have wondered about at one time or another.  Dare to question, dare to seek the face of God.